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Dawni Rae will educate and empower you in reaching your  health and fitness goals. Together you will get fit!  Click here to view Dawni Rae's current schedule of public events!

Register now for your own Refresh Extravaganza!  We currently have openings for the June 2024 Summer Refresh from Thursday, June 27-30, 2024! Contact Dawni Rae at 206-909-1190 or email at to sign up!


Join Dawni Rae on Zoom every Wednesday and Friday morning for a truly inspirational and dynamic workout!  Inquire by email at or find registration daily on Facebook and Instagram. See her Schedule page for more information on all classes!


Get fit with Dawni Rae in one-on-one or small group training!  Accepting new clients now, both on Zoom and in person!

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