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Located in the heart of Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood. We offer daily heated yoga classes taught by experienced Hot Hatha and Power Vinyasa instructors. Our quiet, insulated studio features an infrared heating system, an outdoor courtyard, cushioned hardwood flooring and an abundance of natural light.  Our classes are suitable for all levels and open for drop-ins.

"shefa" means abundance in Hebrew, "to heal" in Arabic, and also translates to divine light and flow. Leah Zaccaria, owner, leads with the belief that there is enough for everyone. We can all be successful emotionally, spiritually and physically. Believing in abundance leads to an attitude of gratitude which leads to overall happiness.
We are a state-of-the-art studio located in Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood. We offer daily heated yoga classes taught by experienced Hot Hatha and Power Vinyasa instructors. Our quiet, insulated studio features an infrared heating system, cushioned hardwood flooring and an abundance of natural light. Our retail boutique is stocked with yoga apparel and accessories.

Have fun. Raise funds. Fight cancer.

The Relay For Life movement is American Cancer Society’s signature fundraiser dedicated to helping communities attack cancer. From team members to volunteers, we all want to remember those we’ve lost, help those affected today, and give us a home team advantage against cancer. Through funds donated, time given, or awareness raised, our communities are teaming up to make a difference. When we rally together in the fight against cancer through this fun and inspirational event, we can accomplish anything.

RMG is a collaborative group of physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists and nurses.  We strive for a balance between osteopathic and allopathic medicine.  Our traditional approach can treat symptoms of common ailments quickly through use of modern pharmaceutical medicine, while our osteopathic approach focuses on health prevention and replaces what the body is naturally deficient from age, other health conditions, or from prescription medications themselves.


We offer therapies that are rooted in continuous global research with current, accurate and authoritative data.  We individualize therapies to meet patients’ needs, and we monitor patients beyond their completion of therapies to ensure positive outcomes.

Located in Bellevue, WA, SageMED is an integrative medical center, combining the most effective methods of conventional and natural therapy.  Our highly trained and licensed naturopathic doctors are the core of our team, led by Dr. Sage Wheeler.  At SageMED we also have physical therapy, pain management, massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling services, spa services, and aesthetics.  These services are often used together to provide a fully integrated treatment plan that is unique to SageMED. Our providers are passionate about their medicine and it shows in the their approach to patient care with extended visit times and diligent follow-up care.  SageMED has providers accepting every major insurance network as well as very affordable cash pricing for the uninsured.

EPIC products are inspired by the simple yet powerful diets of our ancestors and consistent with our unique evolutionary biology. Throughout the majority of history, our species has evolved living active lifestyles and consuming a Hunter and Gatherer diet rich in high quality meat, wholesome vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. On the contrary, modern day diets of processed foods and excessive sugar, combined with sedentary lifestyles have pushed our physiologies dangerously far from their adapted environments. By looking to the diets and lifestyles of our ancestors, we believe that evolution has much to teach us about human optimization and healthful living. EPIC products are an expression of our evolutionary biology, and allow modern day omnivores to thrive consuming a wide array of nature’s bounties; just as mother nature intended.

We all deserve a healthy alternative to all the sugary, high-carb snacks on the market.
At Wild Zora, we believe we can be in control of our diet and energy levels, eat healthier, and be happier!

At Wild Zora, we’re committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients in all of our products. For example, the main ingredients in our Meat and Veggie Bars are:

  • 100% grass-fed beef, pork raised without antibiotics or added hormones, free-range turkey without antibiotics or added hormones, and all-natural, pasture-raised lamb

  • Veggies--kale, peppers, and tomatoes, depending on the recipe!

  • Un-sulphured dates

  • These ingredients raise the price of our bars, but for a truly healthy snack--we believe it’s worth it! It’s also important to note that our meat dehydrates to nearly 50% of its original fresh-weight, and our veggies by up to 90%! That means that our natural snacks have 3X the nutrition density when dried. 

    From our professional lives to our hiking adventures, we were always looking for healthy, portable foods that were minimally processed, with real, wholesome ingredients.

    We got started in the kitchen, funneling homemade oatmeal and fruit smoothies into bottles, and then into convenient, BPA-free pouches at a commercial kitchen. We started selling our Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes at local farmers markets and have since scaled up to our favorite grocery stores throughout the country.

    Embracing our commitment to creating only high-quality, great-tasting products, we launched our delicious, power-packed Protein Cookies in 2017. Through Munk Pack our goal is to fuel your daily lives and awesome adventures. Enjoy!

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