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Client Stories


Dear Dawni,


I remember walking into your Body shop class at the Y and thinking that I wanted to look like you. And after several months I got up the courage to ask you to work with me. You were so positive and caring that I immediately felt comfortable to completely trust you.  My main desire was to lose weight for our family trip to Hawaii.  And together through exercise and diet I lost 20 pounds and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Hawaii.  I think this was possible because of your genuine care, passion for movement, and innovative exercises.  I looked forward to my time with you because you made it ​so comfortable to talk to you about anything. Each time we worked together I learned so much from diet, mov​ement, faith, and people. As a result of working with you I am in the best physical condition I have ever been in my life and I have renewed confidence in my abilities. Your passion for movement has inspired me to keep fitness a priority in my life. When I hear the word 'relentless' I will always think of you. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence.


With love and gratitude,

Yume Kim


I met Dawni Rae about 13 years ago. After about 3 years of following her from gym to gym, I began personal training with her.  Not only had she become my mentor but one of my best friends.  She inspired me to be my best.  About 6 years ago, I really wanted to step it up.  I needed a change, I wasn't happy. Dawni Rae pushed me to not only exercise, but to change my diet and find something that I love. My body began to transform.  In the process, I found yoga.  With yoga and Dawni Rae, my mind and body transformed in a massive way.  I dropped 35 pounds, changed my whole life, and now I own 2 yoga studios.  Dawni Rae has been an instrumental part of my health, well being and life.  I am honored to know her and have her in my life.









Training with Dawni Rae has been so empowering! I've always worked out a lot but I've noticed a huge difference in how she trains me in accordance with my body type and my goals. It eliminates the "hoping" you reach your goals and makes me feel in control of my fitness goals and I've gained more understanding of what works specifically for me. Having a trainer helps me stay focused in every area of my life and be more effective in relationship, business, my spiritual life and just my energy.

I had my first Dawni Rae experience in April 2011 at the YMCA in Bothell during her fan-body-tastic class, Body Shop.  I honestly thought, "It's the hard could this be?"  Well, was I in for a humbling surprise. My body was pushed in ways they had never been before. I thought, "Who is this beautiful woman who just kicked my butt?!" I walked up to her right after the class and asked if she trained privately because I had to experience what I had just experienced on a one to one level.  I use to be a gymnast and be in very good shape, but I knew I wanted and needed what Dawni Rae had to push me to that next level of fitness.​


The "Ah ha" moment came when I had my very first session with her.  We set an intention of what we wanted to achieve in the sessions. I wanted to lose 20 pounds and get my body into the best shape I had ever been in.  "Ask and you shall receive" and that I did!  With diet, visualizations, and Dawni Rae by my side I was able to achieve this goal in 2.5 months.  We were working out two to three times a week, plus I was doing other things like Zumba, and I was able to achieve my goal.  Another huge "Ah ha" moment came when I pushed my body to a point of no return.  I allowed myself to cry, to release whatever it was I was ​holding in my body at that time and still was able to push through the exercise.  It was truly a spiritual moment that I will never forget!  Her innate ability to feel the flow of the exercise and know how far to push you is unlike anyone else I have ever worked with.  "Get out of your head and into your body!" is one of my favorite Dawni Rae quotes.


She will give you the full range of a true coach/trainer.  For me, that's the soft, gentler side as you begin and end the session, and the tough, no wasting time on your mind/body/soul during the main part of the session.  She will give you what you want and more.  She will rejuvenate your spark for life as you grow through her sessions whether in a class, or privately.  I recommend her without any hesitation!  Come and try the Dawni Rae experience; you will not regret that you did.










I feel like I should have a T-shirt that proclaims "Body by Dawnie Rae."  Not big on cardio workouts, I had been lifting weights at the Y for a year or two after the birth of my second child when a friend dragged me into one of the classes and way out of my comfort zone.  It was a workout like no other I have experienced: an intersection of a dynamic leader with significant exercise physiology knowledge, well-paced with music, in an atmosphere that was both welcoming and inspiring.  With cardio that didn't seem monotonous.  Now, almost 10 year later, I still go every week.  (My job came with the understanding that I do not work 9-11 on Fridays.)  Because of Dawnie Rae, I live differently in my body.  It is a much better place to be!  A little bit lighter, a good deal tighter, I get to live in a healthy body that at almost 50, still telemark skis!​

I first met Dawni Rae in 2008.  I had recently joined the YMCA and had been trying different classes looking for something to challenge me physically. At first the class was much like the others I’d taken, but mid-way through I realized this was no ordinary workout.  I still hear her in my head advising, “pace yourself.”  Indeed that was good advice.  I made it through class and vowed to come back and improve upon my performance.  Each time I came back I left proud I was able to make it to the end of class—each of us attendees felt a real sense of accomplishment at just “making it through.” J  

Still, I knew I wanted to prove a little more to myself. In 2008, my husband went overseas with the Navy to serve in Iraq.  He was gone a total of 9 months.  I stayed home with our two boys (aged 4 and 7yrs at the time) and was determined to keep my kids’ lives stable and happy.  Exercise was the best outlet for me to help me deal with my stresses and frustrations. Dawni Rae gave me not only an outlet, but also reminded me to think outside my own life and to consider others around.  If my kids could keep going and continue to find happiness, couldn’t I hold that squat a little longer?  If my husband could look for opportunity and serve his fellow comrades so well, couldn’t I hold that plank a little more?  Even after my husband returned home, I continued going to class faithfully.  We’d never been gym members before, but he could see this was more than exercise and agreed the membership should continue. Never being one to sit idle, I looked for a new challenge.  Dawni Rae has long said we should do something to scare ourselves every day.  I took her words to heart and decided to put myself out on a limb by starting a science fair at my kids’ school.  I’d never done anything quite like this before, so it really scared me.  Amazingly, the fair went off beautifully and now is an anticipated event at school (4 years old and growing!).  My son confided in me that not only was he proud of me, but he also “kind of wondered how I was going to do it.”  I had to admit to him that I wasn’t so sure how I could do it either so I just had to keep working at it.  I think we both learned how good it is to try something new and scary because you never know what success you will reap if you don’t. So now it has been 5 years (how time flies!) and I continue to learn from Dawni Rae.  I don’t get to go to class as often as I’ve taken on another challenge:  teaching cycling class.  I never figured myself as the instructor type, but find it is pretty fun.  Now I keep Dawni Rae in my head as I teach and hope that her inspiration will shine through me.  We can only hope J.


I had always been an active person in my young adult life but my physical fitness took a back burner when I had a family and a desk job.  I am now preparing for a new baby and I want to be strong and fit for pregnancy & delivery. I took Dawni Rae's Body Shop class at the YMCA and I knew that she was just the kind of person that could help keep me motivated & focused on my goals. With life being so busy sometimes I want to take an easier route, Dawni Rae is there every week to hold me accountable and remind me of the benefits of putting in the hard work.

I love just about every kind of outdoor recreation:  skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, hiking and canoeing during the rest of the year.  Since I am now approaching 60, I have to be intentional about staying in shape so that I can continue to enjoy these sports.  Rather than going to a club, I work out at home.  I have found that workouts can become less effective when done on my own, with no one to challenge me.

So I went to Dawni Rae with a couple goals in mind:  First, to change up my work outs and find new ways of exercising that doesn't rely on expensive equipment.  Second, improve my muscle tone. Third, lose the stubborn 10 pounds that I put on last summer on a European trip.

At our consultation, she gave me some good advice on my eating and exercise that has enabled me to improve my metabolism and lose the weight.  During workouts, she has given me some great new exercises that have challenged me and enabled me to firm up.  I have enjoyed her positive encouragement and energy

I have been training with Dawni-Rae for 1.5 years and have enjoyed every session with her. The sessions are not just about shaping your body or losing weight or exercising, there is lot more to it. The workout sessions are fun, unique and intense – all at the same time. I never had to drag myself to go workout, it is something that I always look forward to it. I did things which I would not have never imagined that I could do – hula-hooping while doing the steps, gravity sit-ups, double hand stand. Another great aspect of her sessions is – you always finish the session satisfied. I have been to her sessions with a headache, with 2 hrs of sleep the previous night, with knee aches, with wrist pains and she has always been able to tailor the exercises based on my requirements.


Thank you Dawni-Rae for making a difference in my life!

 Smita Ojha

You are my inspiration for a healthier, fitter, happier world. Ever since I started taking your group fitness classes about 5 years ago, and then training with you the last 2... you have changed the way I think about my body, my mind, my habits, and my priorities in such a strong and positive way. I'm fitter now than I've ever been. Not to mention cooler :) (SUP, barefoot running? C'mon!)


You are an amazing person and I am so lucky to have you in my life! 

Nagaja Sanatkuma

Dawni-Rae motivates me to get real with my fitness goals and holds me accountable without judgement; she teaches me to be the best I can be and has instilled into me "the more I do it the more I'll do it"

A truly amazing person, wellness coach and friend!"


Sara Stevens

Training with Dawni has been an amazing experience. She has been a
powerful source of inspiration, which has been instrumental in
motivating myself to exercise regularly and make healthy food choices.
She has been a great help in not only guiding me with my physical
workouts but also introduced me to ‘power posing’ which has helped me
be more assertive and increase my confidence. Thanks to Dawni, I now
feel mentally and physically stronger and more energetic.

See you,

I am a working mom of 3 young children and have always made working out a priority. Of course, wanting to stay healthy and fit for my amazing kiddos. But apparently until I met Dawni Rae at the Northshore Y a year in a half ago, I wasn't really working out.  She has taught me, "THE WORK" starts from the inside out, plus all the body weight resistance moves she has us do WITHOUT any astounding.  


I am not much for weighing myself on the scale, but know I have lost 12-15 lbs and counting and several inches in just the short time I have been with D. Rae.  She has empowered me to continue my fitness regimen and change my eating habits.  Thank you Dawni Rae, I love you and what you have inspired me to continue to believe and accomplish!!     



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