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Personal Training Options

Dawni Rae training sessions are unique and innovative. She intuitively knows exactly how to create a circuit of movement that's fun, challenging, and always fresh and edgy. Her training style is unique to the individual, creating each class based upon the energy of the group, individual or environment. She builds community and an experience where you leave feeling energized and empowered to keep moving. Her goal is for each client to love being in their body, be more awake in their lives and empower them to feel grounded and strong.
Rates for group classes:
     Single workout class: $15 (outdoor and Zoom)
     1 Month All virtual class access: $70
     1 Month All outdoor class access $70
For personalized small group and one-on-one classes, contact Dawni Rae for your special rate!
Fitness & Health Evaluation


Our first session together will be a fitness and health evaluation. This will set the foundation for our work together. We will dive into the specifics of your sleep history, supplementation, current meal plan, hydration, medication, stress level, exercise history, injuries, accountability partner, body weight and fat loss goals and  health improvement goals,. From this information we will build your exercise and health regimen.

60 minutes, $65 (sliding scale available according to your needs)

One on One Training

For the individual who wants a private, safe space and individual focus & attention.

60 minutes, rate decided between you and me

Partner Training

Small group training (In the studio 3 people max) (outdoors 2-6). No need to be at same fitness level, all sessions are choreographed and modified to meet everyone's needs in the group.

60 mins, $30 each for a group of two, $25 each for three or more

**Discounts and sliding scale available

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